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October 9, 2018
Trip Jakarta-Dieng-Purwokerto
October 9, 2018

Jakarta Trip Package

Conveniently located on the western side of Java, this capital of the Republic of Indonesia is a sprawling cosmopolitan city that offers more culture, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing than any other places in Indonesia.

Being the main gateway to Indonesia, Jakarta has grown into a major industrial, business and trading centre and spreads over an area of more than 650 (410 sq miles). It is also designated as a special territory (DKI), means that it is administered by a governor and enjoys the same status as a province. The population of over nine million is of diverse ethnic and cultural groups from different parts of Indonesia, including Chinese, Arab and Indian descents in some commercial areas.

most of my travelingpintar friends from outside jakarta ask us to open this special trip, so here we come with fully brave move to open this new trip.

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