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Asiamas Trans

Asiamas found by Mr H Toto Prayitno MBA at 2002 as a security companies group. Held 3000 of employees that spread out in Indonesia. At 2008 Asiamas joined into travel and tourism business which start with 7 units of bus and 4 tourism office in Indonesia start from Jakarta, batam, riau , and Jogjakarta.

Nowadays we serve all market segmentation in tourism of Indonesia from trip packages until the tourism transportation. And we serve join business as B2B ( business to business) with all company and last supported the government in ASIAN Games 2018 & ASIAN Paragames 2018 ass official partner in transportation division..

We ready to serve all people , we ready to bring happiness life, and we ready to compete with all to make Indonesia tourism become the first in the world

We serve tour packages and also transportation packages to bring pleasure into our partner and we ready to accept the challenges to bring safe and comfortable tourism experience in Indonesia.

Then , what are you waiting for ? your exciting journey start with contacting us.

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